GPS-linked Image Capture Software


SensorLinkis a Windows-based GPS waypoint triggering application that simplifies capturing images for individuals piloting an aircraft.   The program enables Tetracam ADC and MCA camera systems to capture images at specific GPS co-ordinates.   Pilots simply fly between the coordinates specified on their Windows-based computer and as they hit each waypoint, the computer sends a command that triggers the camera to capture an image.

The program includes GPS triggerpoint authoring, editing of compact GPS waypoint tables and flexible camera triggering options. The simple course-up display provides clear indication of waypoint direction and location at a glance. Acquire a waypoint, the camera triggers and the latest GPS data at image capture is embedded in the image header of the camera for later recovery by the application software shipped with all Tetracam cameras.

SensorLink runs on any Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or Windows 10 32-bit Operating System and with any GPS receiver capable of speaking standard NMEA sentences. The PC that is used must have serial port access. SensorLink™ does not run on 64-bit Windows systems.  The program is compatible with every Tetracam multi-spectral imaging system with the exception of the ADC Micro. 

SensorLink is interoperable with the entire suite of Tetracam programs, DLLs and utilities (see Tetracam Application Software Overview).

SensorLink features include;

  • A simple single form interface
  • A waypoint file editor. Create and save waypoint files for aerial photo missions
  • A serial interface to any GPS receiver emitting NMEA sentences
  • Scalable fly to waypoint, head up display graphic
  • Ability to define several camera triggering modes
  • Camera configuration and control toolbar

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Smart NDVI cameras are multispectral cameras for precision agriculture that can calculate vegetation indices and create false color NDVI images without the use of an image processing program accessory.

Precision Farming and Forestry need multispectral camera and NDVI camera images to create orthomosaic maps that allow interventions to be optimized. NDVI phenocameras that can perform time lapse photography are best for slow growing flora, while faster growing commercial harvests are best served by airborne NDVI mapping cameras.