FirePoint 100 GPS

Tetracam's Precision Global Positioning System Designed Expressly for Use with Tetracam Multispectral Imaging Systems



Tetracam's FirePoint 100 GPS is a space-based satellite navigation system that provides precision location and time information anywhere on or near the Earth, where there is an unobstructed line of sight to four or more GPS satellites. 

The FirePoint 100 GPS is configured to operate with the following Tetracam systems:

  • ADC FirePoint provides GPS coordinates via RS232 input

  • ADC Lite Provides GPS coordinates via RS232 input

  • ADC Air Provides GPS coordinates to button box RS232 input

  • ADC Micro Provides GPS coordinates to button box RS232 input

  • Micro-MCA or Mini-MCA Provides GPS coordinates to button box RS232 input

  • SensorLink Provides GPS coordinates to laptop equipped with SensorLink via USB interface 

FirePoint 100 GPS Contents: 

  • FirePoint GPS Module and Case

  • RS232 male-to-male serial interface cable

  • +12 V Power Supply cable, 2.5 mm Plug to Un-terminated wires

FirePoint 100 GPS Connectors: 

  •  Power: 2.1 mm DC Power Jack, positive on center, ground on shield  

  • 3.5mm Phone Jack:

    • RS232 - Tip: TX output from FirePoint connected to RX input to the camera,

    • RS232 - Ring: RX input to FirePoint connected to TX output from camera,

    • RS232 - Ground on sleeve (see GPS Cable PDF). 

    • Note:  If this jack is taken apart to connect to unterminated pins on, for example, the ADC Micro, connect the TX output from the FirePoint device on the phone jack tip to the RS232RX input (GPS In) on Pin 8 of ADC Micro Interconnection Pins.  Connect the RX input to the FirePoint device on the jack ring to the RS232TX output on Pin 7 (Serial Output) on ADC Micro Interconnection Pins and connect the Ground on the jack sleeve to Pin 15 System Ground on the ADC Micro Interconnection Pins. 

  • Mini USB: For power and data when connected to a PC only (for SensorLink).  This interface will not work when connected directly to the Tetracam camera

FirePoint 100 GPS Specifications: 

  • Power: The FirePoint GPS will typically be connected to the same + 12 VDC power source as is used by the camera. The FirePoint GPS  will operate on any voltage between + 7.5 VDC to + 30 VDC.

  • Baud rate: By default, the FirePoint GPS is configured at the factory for 4800 baud, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit and no parity to match the default serial interface settings of Tetracam cameras.  The FirePoint GPS may be reconfigured by advanced users to operate at baud rates up to 38400 baud.  The selected baud rate must match that of the system with which it communicates.

  • Protocol:  The FirePoint GPS is configured to output the standard NMEA "GGA" sentence.  This sentence is emitted once per second and contains the following fields:

    • Time UTC

    • Latittude and Longitude

    • Fix quality

    • Number of satellites tracked

    • Horizontal dilution of position

    • Altitude in meters MS

    • Height above MSL

  • Resolution:  2.5 meters

  • Weight:  45 grams (0.1 pound)

  • Dimensions shown in mm and [in]:

Powering the FirePoint 100 GPS:

                   There are two options to power the FirePoint 100 GPS

1. Power supply input on the DC Power Jack between 7-30V. Positive in the center.

2. Via Mini USB connection (PC connection only).

Interconnecting the FirePoint 100 GPS:

                    The illustration below shows how to interconnect the FirePoint 100 GPS to:

1.  ADC or ADC Lite

2.  ADC Air, ADC Micro or Mini-MCA

3.  Laptop running SensorLink



  NOTE:  The FirePoint 100 GPS does not work with some Tetracam systems that are loaded with older firmware.  Always ensure that your Tetracam system is loaded with the latest firmware to ensure optimum system operation and proper interfacing with other units.  


Acessories Commonly Purchased with this Product

  • TTC1035 9V Battery and power cable 


    • TTC1035L - Lithium battery and cable to connect it to GPS (Current Price $24.95)
    • TTC1035A - Alkaline battery and cable to connect it to GPS (Current Price $18.95)


Additional Firepoint GPS Reference Information


Download the FirePoint GPS Getting Started Guide
Download the FirePoint GPS Cable PDF

FirePoint 100 GPS Advanced Information

The following information is for advanced users and is not needed for typical operations with a Tetracam camera.

PC software for configuring the FirePoint GPS:

Windows and Linux USB drivers:

Windows GPS management sofware:

Coonect GPS to PC via USB and configure the GPS using u-center

Communicating with the GPS:

GPS to PC by opening the serial port created by the USB driver.

GPS to camera via RS 232 on the Tip pin of the 3.5 mm Phone Jack.










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