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PixelWrench2 Release Notes - Added support for HAWK HQ Jpeg to RAW conversion. - Added code to support AUK 0 Snap image type. - Added ability to enable separate NIR band vignette correction for SNAP imagery. - Bugfix in CSV file write. Bugfix in Batch processing Index files. - Fixed rounding error writing to GPS EXIF tags. - Bugfix in ILS file generator. - GPS data is now written to all pages of multipage TIFs and all single TIFs generated from MCA data sets. - Added ability to extract Bayer data pages from AUK multipage TIFs. - Bugfix in batch processing AUK RAWs to reflectance. - Bugfix related to halfsize RWS imagery in Index2.dll - Added additional support for AUK reflectance imagery. Additional error trapping in GPS Log Distiller - Bugfix to correct error in AUK camera support. - Bugfix in exif metadata structure. Added initial support for new Tetracam AUK cameras. - Bugfix to enable force low data values to zero in batch processing of vegetation indexes. - Revised TAU thermal data handing and bitmap creation. Bugfix in MCA plane extraction function. - Fixed bug in Mavlink GPS parsing. - Fixed bug in RGB+3 MPT build function. - Added the ability to smooth ILS data using a moving mean. - Increased internal support for Macaw imagery. Modified metadata notations. - Modified multi and single page TIF build function to use unscaled TAU channel images. - Bugfix in vignetting correction when build single TIF sets from MCA imagery. - Bugfix in RGB+3 FOV alignment function. - Fixed mermory leak in RGB+3 image processing. - Added support for MCA Thermal channel for metadata management, histogram shows pixel temperature. GPS Log Distiller to ver - Bugfix in selection of ILS datasource. Bugfix in generic RGB+3 cpf file. Revised GPS Log Distiller to ver. to improve parsing of verbose S_link log files. - Improved corrupt file error handling, added common ILS datasource option. Revised Index2.dll to version - Bug fix to handle corrupt image files when building TIFs with ILS data. - No changes to PW2, revised GPS Log Distiller to ver adding Distill Logs argument to batchfile vocabulary. - Bugfix in DCM file de-compression module. Revised Index2.dll to ver Revised GPS Log Distiller to - Added ability to force creation of 8bit multipage TIFs from 10bit RAW,DCM and RWS filesets. - Bug fix in printer module. Revised camera erase function in GPS Log Distiller, now version Index2 is now version - Added support for parsing MAVLINK strings. Revised GPS Log Distiller ( to parse MAVLINK camera logs to *.GPS files. Revised Index2.dll to - Another bug fix in aligning MCA images to FOV distance values.Log Distiller to, bug fix in time interpolation of refined capture locations. - Added fault tolerance for missing ILS slave data. If an ILS slave file is missing, the TIF builds as a raw DN result. - Histogram now directly indicates reflectance for images processed with ILS. Added capability to exclude any slave(s) when building multipage TIFs. - Fixed bug in aligning MCA images to FOV distance values. - Improved TIF page refresh when using Spyglass. New TifExport revision with help utility accessible from the TifExport form. - Fixed bug in FOV distance compensation when building SNAP MCA multi-page TIFs. - Added additional support for RGB+3 metadata parsing. Updated Log Distiller to with additional error trapping in the write KML function. - Added support for RGB+3 camera. Added support for noncongruent camera/ILS configurations possible whe using e-ILS systems. - Minor bug fixes. - Added support for MCA SNAP filesets to both PW2 and GPS Log Distiller now at version
Bug fix in MCA build single TIFs function. Added 4 level sensor gain adjustment to Log Distiller. - Added SNAPCOLOR processing to "Color Process on Open..." function on main menu. - Added support for SNAP camera files (extension RWS). - Canopy segmentation image now uses legend font specified on the Pallet tab. - Minor bug fixes in GPS log distiller alarm function. - Added automatic edit function to derive MCA rotation, scaling and translation alignment values. - Added support for 5 digit MCA file names. Added automatic edit function to derive ILS calibration
values from reference panel images. See Help>ILS Tab for more information. - Added error trap when attempting to process non-ILS MCA imagery to R lambda.
Added automatic creation of ADC Micro ILS values to the Make CPF function.
Added the option to use native color processing and cpf creation to ADC SNAP imagery. - Added Admin authority to PW2 at runtime to allow companion applications (TifExport and GPSLOG.exe) to write to the readonly application folder. This fixed the
file access exception when GPSLOG attempted to modify the camera SETTINGS.TXT file. - This release requires a new format for the *.ISC files used for processing MCA ILS image sets. The new ISC file format is not compatible with earlier PW2 releases. Contact Tetracam support with your MCA serial number to acquire an *.ISC file in the new format. Also, metadata camera model is now differentiaited as ADC or ADC SNAP. - Improved checksum calculations for GPS data integrity check. - Bugfix in filebatch function when processing RAW and DCM files. - Improved GPS tagging integrity. Improved bad data rejection in GPS Log Distiller function. - Further refinment of SNAP camera MakeCPF function.
Removed "Using MCC Code" box from ILS tab, ILS slave image type is now auto detected. - Improved SNAP camera MakeCPF function. - Bugfix in *. cpf and *.mca autoload function. - Major change in MakeCPF functionality.
Added ability to color process RAW or DCM to ASTM G-173-03 or FLAT result.
Original color process state (G-173-03 or FLAT) is recorded to image metadata.
Batch saved JPEGs now use user quality setting.
Histogram now reads SNAP bayer pattern. - Bug fix in FileBatch process to correct bad date and time metadata. - Revised color processing for SNAP cameras. Revised GPSLOG Distiller to newer version Convert RWS function. - Bug fix in GPS EXIF tag. - Added vendor specific parsing for camera log files and image metadata. - Added auto blackpoint scaling when opening RAW and DCM files. Bug fix in KML writing in GPSLOG Distiller, now v1.0.6.0. - Minor bug fix. - Additional bug fix related to legacy CPF files.
Added ability to open and read doubleword bounded DCM and RAW files. - Minor bug fixes in read and use of legacy CPF files. - Fixed bug in DateTime Digitized EXIF tag. - Added CPF scaling for SNAP and SNAP ILS cameras - Added ability to de-center vignetting in MCA and ADC image processing. Added pallette sub-range application. - Minor bug fixes in read and save of legacy CPF files. - Added CFA type to image metadata. PW2 now autoselects process type for ADC or SNAP cameras - Added additional fields to EXIF metadata - Fixed bug in un-distort routine. - Minor bug fix. - Added multiple registry entries for x32 and x64 environment variable. - Added full support for conversion and processing of ADC SNAP image files.
Added full support for processing of ADC ILS files to Reflectance values.
Includes Index2.dll revision and GPS Distiller revision
Numerous small bug fixes and improved form scaling for low resolution displays. - Intermediate support for ADC SNAP files. - x64 and x32 version. Bug fix in MCA ILS output code for 10 bit RAW images. - x64 and x32 version. Added changes to application and Index2.dll to trap additional image metadata for ADC ILS systems. -x64 and x32 version. Minor bug fix. - x64 and x32 version. Version numbers are now matched. Added tool to apply distortion correction using camera intrinsic values. - x64 bit version. Bug fix to allow mixed file set builds with ILS data. - x32 bit version. Bug fix to allow mixed file set builds with ILS data. - x64 bit version. Added parsing for S_link injected GPS data. - x32 bit version. Added parsing for S_link injected GPS data. - PW2 and support tools now available in x_32 and x_64 bit versions. - Improved RBTA error handling, GPS Log Distiller revised to - Added EULA. Bug fix in reflectance processing of 10 bit ILS image files, required Index2.dll revision Added RBTA string parsing to GPS Log Distiller, version - Added functionality to properly color process ADC Micro images taken with release firmware. - Bug fix in Open Raw file function. Same fix applied in Index2.dll, which is now version - Changed calling methods into Index2.dll resulting in speed increase. This PW2 version and later will require Index2.dll version or later. - Added switch Pixel gain equalization to MCA RAW and DCM files when building MultiPage TIFs. - Added handler for Windows garbage collection bug when creating metadata compilation files (IndexTools Batch tab) - Added support for ADC Micro RAW files. Updated Index2.dll to version, updated Log Distiller to version - Disabled camera toolbar controls incompatible with USBDISK mode cameras when operating in USBDISK mode.
Added area calculation output to Histogram tool.
Updated GPS Log Distiller to Version, added verbose mode to GPS logging. - Added Incident Light Sensor (ILS )tab to IndexTools form. - Added access to the firmware Updater tool via the LoadCode function on the Camera Toolbar. - Bug fix in IndexTools Batch Extract function. - Updated TifExport. - Updated TifExport tool. Fixed bug in metadata capture on Vista and Win 7 OSs. - Minor bug fixes related to saving TIFs from the main application window. Updated TifExport tool. Added link to version information page on www.tetracam.com, via the PW2 Help/Check for Updates item. - MultiPage and single pageTIFs built from MCA image sets now save as 8 or 10 bit, depending on input file pixel depth. Added access to the TifExport tool via control button on th eIndexTools form. - Minor bug fixes. - Added switch to generate Narrowband and Wideband CPF files for ADC cameras. Added ability to save MCA images to individual TIF files as well as Multipage TIF files. - Added switches to set LZW or no compression when saving single and multi-page TIFs. - Fixed Date/Time stamp bug when using FileBatch process. - When checked, the "Smooth Index" feature is now applied to batch processed images. - Added "Build TIF from DCMs and RAWS". - Minor bug fixes relating to metadata string termination. - Moved "Write CSV file..." checkbox from Pallette page to Index page. Added ability to save monchrome index percentages to a csv file for export to MS Excel. - Added ability to save palletized index percentages to a csv file for export to MS Excel. Control is visible on the Pallette page of the IndexTools form. - Added the Smooth Index function to visually smooth index images. Control checkbox located on the Index page of the IndexTools form.
Added the percentage of pixels in each index bracket to palletized images,visible on the pallete legend of each image. - Added the ability to align MCA image sets for arbitrary distances based on a distance value set on the FOV tool.