HawkEye - Remote Sensing and Flying Camera Platform

Radio Controlled Aerial Imaging vehicle

The Tetracam HawkEye is a low speed short endurance aerial vehicle tailored to the needs of farmers and agronomists managing relative small (one square mile or less) plots of land. The HawkEye can carry any of the family of light weight Tetracam Agricultural Digital Cameras to capture complete aerial panoramas of a section of farmland or forest. The resulting NIR / Visible light images can be analyzed to determine the relative health of plants in the area surveyed. When equipped with the MCA series of narrow band pass filter cameras, the HawkEye system can also be used to identify chemical and mineral variations in the landscape by the relative absorption spectra in the images.

The HawkEye has been designed to be a docile platform that is easy to operate for someone who has little experience with flying radio controlled aircraft. The HawkEye has only two controls: Power which controls altitude, and the roll servo which turns the aircraft right or left. The forward speed of the Hawkeye is determined by the parafoil wing and wind conditions only. In general, a HawkEye cannot be stalled like a conventional winged aircraft. The low speed, high visibility and simplicity of control allow the operator to think less about flying the aircraft, and more about taking useful pictures for later ground analysis.

Due to it's specialized nature, the HawkEye is built to order. Please contact us for more information regarding configuration options and pricing.

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