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Tetracam Support

Tetracam supports its products by live phone and email support and through an online library of downloadable manuals and reference documents.  In addition, there are many sources of additional information on the web on monitoring crops with multi-spectral cameras.  We've gathered some of these under the heading Selected Readings below.




Smart NDVI cameras are multispectral cameras for precision agriculture that can calculate vegetation indices and create false color renderings for NDVI mapping without the use of external image editing software. Most NDVI mapping cameras require the use of external software after raw multispectral data is captured.

Precision Farming and Forestry need multispectral camera and NDVI camera images to create orthomosaic maps that allow interventions to be optimized. NDVI phenocameras that can perform time lapse photography are best for slow growing flora, while faster growing commercial harvests are best served by airborne NDVI mapping cameras.