Hawkeye  - Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Imaging




With its bright green and orange billowing parafoil towering over its rugged carbon composite structure, Tetracam's Hawkeye is hard to miss as it flies over farms and forests.  The system's high visibility is an asset as the craft's fully autonomous autopilot can carry the Hawkeye more than 1.5 miles from its ground control station.

The Hawkeye is unique among unmanned aerial vehicles due to its comparative low-cost, ease of operation and its inherent safety.  With its chute continually deployed, if a malfunction occurs while the craft is airborne, the Hawkeye is designed to simply float to the ground protecting the craft and its camera cargo from damage.

The Hawkeye is able to carry any of Tetracam's multispectral imaging systems.  The resulting NIR / Visible light images can be analyzed to determine the relative health of plants in the area surveyed. When equipped with the MCA series of narrow band pass filter cameras, the HawkEye system can also be used to identify unique spectral signatures indicative of specific plants, plant or soil conditions or chemical compounds.


The HawkEye's flight mission may be pre-programmed via its Goose Autopilot and Ground Control Software.  The Hawkeye's GCS software enables users to pre-plan the mission's flight path, identify camera trigger points and monitor the craft as it moves along the pre-planned path.  As the Hawkeye arrives at the designated waypoint, the Goose autopilot triggers the integrated Tetracam multispectral imaging system to capture an image.  At the same instant, the GPS coordinates are recorded by the camera correlating the captured image with its geographical location.  Goose ground control software plays on any Windows computer.

The Hawkeye may also be flown manually via its Spektrum RC controls.  The craft has been designed to be a docile platform that is easy to operate for someone who has little experience with flying radio-controlled aircraft. The HawkEye has only two controls: Power which controls speed and altitude, and the roll servo which turns the aircraft right or left. The craft flies at approximately 10 knots per hour. The forward speed of the Hawkeye is determined by the parafoil wing and wind conditions only. In general, a HawkEye cannot be stalled like a conventional winged aircraft.

Due to it's specialized nature, the HawkEye is built to order. It is sold only to customers within the USA.  Please contact us for more information regarding configuration options and pricing.

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Features and Specifications


  Features   Specifications  
  • Fully Integrated Systems - Super-Safe and Easy-to-fly
  • Endurance 10-30 minutes depending on batteries and payload

  • Autonomous Flight - equipped with Goose autopilot with GPS and Ground Control Station software that enables users to program flight mission, designate GPS waypoints at which to capture images and monitor the craft at the Ground Control Station as it moves along its pre-planned flight path

  • Return to home feature if Radio Control communication is lost or out of range.

  • Docile platform that is easy to operate by any beginner

  • Spektrum Manual RC control enables back-up control of craft.  Users can transfer control of craft from autopilot to manual control and back at any time within RC control range

  • All composite construction, extremely durable and easy to maintain.

  • Can interface with all Tetracam multispectral cameras

  • Adjustable CG steering system provides for wide range of weight and configurations.


Download the HawkEye Manual

Contact your Tetracam Reseller for additional information and pricing or contact Tetracam direct at info@tetracam.com.

Typical Availability: 4 to 6 weeks. Please contact us for more information regarding configuration options, pricing and availability.


  • Endurance - 10 - 30 min depending on batteries and payload.

  • Speed - 10 knots per hour nominal

  • Parachute size - 120" x 32" (26.6Sq/Ft)

  • Vehicle length - 35"

  • Vehicle Width - 16"

  • Vehicle Height - 20"

  • Vehicle Weight (RTF/no payload) - 8lbs

  • Payload Capability - 3 lbs

  • Autopilot to GCS Range - 1.5 miles (extensible to > 4 miles)

  • Manual RC Spektrum Control Range - 800 yards (line-of-sight)

  • Hawkeye Airframe Includes:
    Payload control box
    Goose autopilot and GPS
    Wiring harness
    Adjustable steering system with Titanium gear high torque servo
    Brushless motor with prop adapter
    Motor vibration isolation mount
    Brushless motor speed controller
    APC 15x6 propeller (Qty 2)
    2.4Ghz 7CH RC receiver - (Spektrum AR7000)
    5S1P 4400mAh Lithium Polymer flight batteries (Qty 2)
    3S1P 2200mAh Lithium Polymer payload battery (Qty 1)
    2S1P 2200mAh Lithium Polymer RC system battery (Qty 1)
    Parachute (120" x 30" - Bright Green, Bright Orange)

  • Ground Control Station Includes:
    Goose Ground Station Software (Windows O/S)*
    RC Transmitter (Spektrum DX7 with Charger)
    Lithium Polymer Battery Charger

All electronics including Goose Autopilot, RC transmitters and speed controllers are pre-programmed and flight tested prior to shipping.

* Users need to provide their own Windows-based laptop for ground control software



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