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PixelWrench for Macaw Release Notes - Added Normalized Differential Water Index and Simple Water Index to list of available indexes, 3/12/19 - Bug fix in Histogram tool when calculating temperatures of thermal images. - Bug fix in form-resize function to prevent lockup, 10/8/18 - Bug fix in reading pixel values in zoomed images, 5/21/18 - Improved thermal image measurement sensitivity, 4/27/18 - Added support and calibration tool for MCAW thermal channels, 11/15/17 - Added ability to read ILS ground logs and other small changes, 8/3/17 - Added Camera Settings tab to MacawTools form, 4/4/17 - Changed eILS calibration routine and write to reflectance method, 3/21/17 - Added ability to smooth ILS data when writing reflectance TIFs, minor bug fixes, 3/17/17 - First revision, added features, fixed memory leak, added SoloFlight console app., 2/22/17 - Initial Release, 2/17.